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8 Tips for a Healthy Scalp


I get obsessed with things.

Like, ridiculously obsessed.

Hence, once I dove into the curly world, I decided that was all I would do: no more straight here, just waves and curls.


I then read every article, search every blog, and go into the Youtube hole.

I have to know everything about the newest shiny fascination. 

Lately, it’s been all about scalp health.

I feel like it’s been neglected, especially in the curly world.

From the beginning, I told clients that friction and water are what cleansed the scalp. Sayaka Lee, co-owner of Blow me Away LA, says that “80 percent of build-up from natural oils and dust comes out with just water”. 

This information means that scrubbing the scalp gently but firmly is extremely important.

For those that are into co-washing (no, I’m not a fan) or conditioning cleansers, you have to be extra careful in making sure you are ridding the scalp of build-up.

Build-up can lead to hair loss. Don’t take my word for it. Trichologist at Philip Kingsley has spent their entire careers researching all things related to scalp health, including thinning and hair loss. 

This research explains why as the popularity of not washing your hair grew, so did hair loss stories.

The more I heard this behind the chair, the more I started to investigate, and I discovered that this was much more likely related to build-up than an ingredient in shampoo or conditioner. 

“Blocked follicles can stop producing growing hair altogether,” says Guy Parsons of My Hair Doctor.

I just ordered a tiny microscope to start nerding out on the health of my scalp up close. I can’t wait to play with it on clients too. 

The health of your hair and scalp are intertwined. 

Here are some tips you can try:

1. Don’t be afraid to wash often. 

Gasp…I know…but I’ve always said this. 

You can wash your hair whenever it feels greasy, itchy, or gross. 

If you work out a lot or play sports, you will probably shampoo more often.

The old school thinking of not washing it because it will dry it out was acceptable when shampoos and conditioners were formulated with many ingredients that would do just that. But it’s 2020…welcome.

2. Scalp exfoliation. There are many products for this, and you can also make your own at home. There’s conflicting information on whether “oiling” the scalp is good or bad. So treat that like gluten.

3. Don’t wear your hair up all the time. If you want to wear updos, do it loosely or stick with that 1980’s scrunchie. We just don’t need all the extra tension on the scalp.

4. Steaming. It can help to loosen up dead cells and unclog pores, and it can increase collagen production and increase blood flow to the scalp.

5. Red light therapy. All the rage in the skincare world and scalp is your skin, providing the benefits. 

6. Dry brushing is just like its benefits for your body…it helps to detox and gets the blood circulating. You can use a small toothbrush or teaser-type brush to slough off dead cells before thoroughly washing. (If you have psoriasis or any other scalp related medical issues, please check with your dermatologist.))

7. Scalp massage. It stimulates collagen production and is just like the best feeling ever. 

8. Scalp mask. 

I will keep you posted on all my exciting and helpful findings as I research this. 

Maybe I’ll become known as the scalp whisperer? Lol.

P.S. Be sure to watch the video with Anabel Kingsley posted on my Youtube channel. 

I want to hear from you.

Have you tried any scalp treatments that have worked for you?