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Why Flip, Coat, Scrunch?

Why do I teach with Flip, Coat, Scrunch? 

  1. Most of my clients will get stringy if they rake through while applying products. Curls like to hang out in families, and they are less likely to bend or curl if you break them up.
  2. It’s simple. If clients are overwhelmed right out of the gate, less likely they are to continue on the journey. 
  3. It saves time. It usually takes me about 2-5 minutes max.

Flip forward and take two pumps of gel (don’t be afraid of it), rub hands together and with an open hand, lightly glaze your hair like you are frosting a cake. Be gentle, using a light touch: coat and scrunch. 

Then come up, lean your body to the side, grab two pumps, glaze, scrunch and hold. You can gather the hair together as it does so naturally. The more clumping, the better the waves. Lean-to the other side and repeat. 

We lean forward, side, side is with INTENT to get the hair into NATURAL FALL. Meaning this is where the hair wants to live all on its own. We work with the hair to encourage your natural patterns, not against them. 

After doing all three positions, I go back down to the middle forward bend and use two more pumps (do you see a theme here?) and scrunch and HOLD. 

This happens in the shower, and I have not gotten out yet. If your hair is long, hold it up with your hand in a high pony while you towel off. 

Then, before I get dressed, I grab my t-shirt or microfiber towel and scrunch and HOLD. I do this in the same three directions as before. Forward, side, side, and all in natural fall. 

After getting dressed, if more water is starting to drip out of your ends, repeat scrunch and HOLD with your t-shirt or microfiber. Scrunching is always gentle but firm. 


If you have very fine hair without a lot of density, use one pump of gel. Remember, you may not always use as much as you are now, but this is the best way to learn what trapping water can do for your hair.

If you are using a gel that is more like a paste texture, coating all over can be too heavy, and you may want to skip the coating and do the same techniques using the scrunching only method.

If you have tried “praying hands” type coating before and your curls fell out, skip coating and go directly to scrunching. Do everything else the same. 

Diffuse. If you want to get the most out of your curls, then get in the habit of making diffusing part of your routine. The less wave/bend you have, the more this holds true. 

If you are in that wavy/curly zone, similar to my hair, you can air dry to get a beachy look.